About Our Doors

All of our insulated garage doors are made with high quality injected polyurethane foam insulation, 100% CFC & HCFC free, completely sealed by steel, zinc, primer, and high quality 2x polyester top coats. This type of insulation results in doors with a higher R Value, increased strength, and longer life as opposed to a standard 'laid in place insulation' also known as Polystyrene which is not nearly as strong, has half the R-Value and is typically more “flimsy”.

All of our insulated garage doors also include a rubber gasket between each panel. When the garage door is in the closed position, each panel is pinched together very tightly allowing no air flow to enter or escape, which is an added bonus in our cold winters.

All of our doors come complete with all new hardware; torsion spring system; operator plate; and perimeter weather stripping. Note: Garage doors must be installed level even if the floor/ground slopes.

Abby's Upgrade Package includes all commercial hardware, long-life springs, and additional re-enforcement braces. (Please phone or email us for more details.)

Available colors (standard sizes only) – White – Almond – Sandstone – Brown – Linen.

Decorative glass panels by special order.



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