Is your garage door in need of repair? Have the other door companies told you that your door can't be fixed or told you that it will be cheaper to purchase a new door rather than get yours fixed? Before you purchase that new door, give us a call. We will give you a free estimate and more often than not, we can fix what the other companies can't for a lot less than purchasing a new door.

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Garage Door Won't Open?
If your garage door won?t open, at this time of year with the warmer daytime and colder evening temperatures, water may have accumulated under the rubber seal and it is now frozen to the floor. If you suspect your door is frozen, do not keep trying to use your opener to open the door. Doing so, may strip the gears or burn the motor out.

Instead, put a heater by the door to melt the ice. Or you can take a little warm water and pour it along the edge of the bottom of the garage door, and carefully chip the ice away. If you can, leave your door open a little bit during the day. This will allow the sun to melt any ice that may have formed under the door and evaporate any standing water to prevent further ice build ups.

Still can?t open your door? Call us and we?ll send someone out as soon as we can.


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Abby's (North) (204) 222-9035

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